The Greek Spot

The Greek Spot

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Cold Appetizers


Greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic and dill



Chickpea spread blended with tahini & garlic



Roasted eggplant dip



Spicy feta cheese dip



Oven roasted beets, goat cheese and sprinkled with olive oil



Greek caviar dip


Cold Spreads

Tzatziki, hummus, melitzanosalata, tirokafteri


Hot Appetizers


Giant greek green beans in tomato and dill



Triangle filled pastry pies stuffed with spinach and feta



Triangle filled pastry pies stuffed with feta



Traditionally seasoned greek meatballs (6)



Grilled Greek sausage with leeks



Stuffed grape leaves with rice & herbs (6)


Roasted Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed with spicy feta cheese



Pan fried kefalograviera cheese


Feta Saganaki

Pan fried feta cheese topped with honey and sesame seeds


Fried Calamari

Fresh cut crunch calamari rings fried


Garides Santorini Appetizer

Shrimp with tomato, oyzo and feta


Tiganita Kolokythia

Fried zucchini chips served with tzatziki


Broiled Octopus

Vinegar, olive oil and oregano, served with salad on the side


Vegan Odyssey

Falafel, beets, spinach and rice, domades, gigantes and humus


Soup & Salad

Augolemono (Bowl)

Egg lemon chicken soup


Fakes (Bowl)

Lentil soup


Greek Village

Tomato, cucumber, red onion, peppers, olives, feta, olive oil, vinegar, oregano


Marouli Salad

Romaine lettuce, dill, scallions, feta, olive oil, vinegar, oregano


House Salad

Romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, onions, feta, olive oil, vinegar, oregano


Falafel Salad

House salad topped with falafel and beets


Gyro Souvlaki Pita

Wrapped in a pita with lettuce, tomato, onion and choice of tzatziki, mustard sauce or spicy feta

Beef and Lamb Gyro Pita


Chicken Souvlaki Pita

Chicken stick on a pita with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and sauce


Pork Souvlaki Pita


Lamb Souvlaki Pita


Loukaniko Pita


Bifteki Pita

Greek seasoned patty


Falafel Pita


Haloumi Cheese Pita



Chicken Souvlaki

Skewer served with pita on the side


Pork Souvlaki

Pork on a stick


Lamb Souvlaki

Lamb on a stick


Platters & Grill

Served with hot pita, lettuce, tomato, onion, Tzatziki and choice of 1 side

Chicken Souvlaki Platter

3 chicken sticks served with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, pita, tzatziki, and a choice of side


Pork Souvlaki Platter

3 pork sticks served with pita, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and tzatziki on the side and choice of a side


Lamb Souvlaki Platter

2 lamb sticks served with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, pita, and tzatziki on the side with a choice of side


Loukaniko Platter


Bifteki Platter

2 beef patty served with pita, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and tzatziki on the side with choice of a side


Kota Paidakia

Organic grilled half chicken chops on the grill


Falafel Platter


Meat Odyssey Platter

Grilled mix of chicken souvlaki, bifteki, beef & lamb gyro, and loukaniko


Beef and Lamb Gyro Platter


Traditional Home Cooked Dishes

Served with choice of soup or salad


Stuffed peppers with ground beef and rice



Spinach pie



Greek baked pasta with ground beef, and bechamel sauce



Baked layers of eggplant, potato, ground beef and bechamel sauce


Veggie Moussaka

Baked layers of eggplant, potato, zucchini and bechamel sauce


Oven Roasted Lemon Chicken

Chicken quarter served with lemon potatoes


Lamb Youvetsi

Lamb shank braised in tomato sauce with cumin & cinnamon over orzo


Elliniki Piatela-Greek Combo

Combination of pastichio mousaca and yemista (stuffed pepper)


From The Sea

Grilled Shrimp



Grilled served with olive lemon sauce and tzatziki, and one side


Wild Shrimp & Scallops

Sauteed in white wine and lemon sauce. Served over rice or pasta


Shrimp Santorini

Shrimp saute with tomato, feta and ouzo



Greek Fries

With cheese or regular


Green Beans

In tomato sauce


Spinach and Rice

Hummus, eggplant dip spicy feta, tzatziki with pita


Lemon Potatoes



White, brown, jasmine, yellow, etc




Extra Pita


Extra Sauce


Side Beef & Lamb Gyro


Side of Chicken Breast




Rice pudding



Layered phyllo dough with walnut, ground cinnamon, scented ground clove & honey syrup



Creamy custard filing wrapped in phyllo dough and honey syrup




Karidopita (Walnut Cake)

A Greek spiced walnut cake made from walnuts and covered in a sweet simple syrup



A Greek sponge cake made with lemon zest and sweetened with an orange flavored syrup




Dinner Specials

Appetizer - Cheese Pastry Pie Combo (Dinner)

6 pieces. Three spinach and cheese triangle pies and three cheese-only triangle pies.


Appetizer-Haloumi Sticks (Dinner)

Breaded Haloumi cheese sticks, golden fried and served with marinara sauce.


Appetizer-Manitaria (Dinner)

Portabella Mushrooms baked with melted kasseri cheese and topped with an herb butter, sliced tomatoes, and a balsamic fig glaze.


Entrees-Garides Santorini (Dinner)

Shrimp sauteed in a Greek seasoned marinara sauce and topped w/crumbled feta cheese. Served with a choice of orzo or rice.


Entrees-Lamb on The Fire (Dinner)

Greek seasoned Lamb ribs and shoulder loin marinated and flame grilled. Served with one side and tzatziki sauce on the side.


Entrees - Grilled Shrimp Kabobs Platter (Dinner)

2 Flame grilled shrimp kabobs with green pepper, tomato, and onion. Served with choice of side.


Entrees-Honey Salmon (Dinner)

Faroe Island Salmon served with asparagus and topped with sauteed portabella mushrooms and a homemade mustard sauce.


Entrees-Dorado (Dinner)

Whole Greek Island mahi-mahi fish, flame grilled and served either whole or fillet and served with choice of side .


Entrees-Branzino (Dinner)

Whole Greek Island sea bass fish flame grilled and served either whole or fillet and served with choice of side.